Coat what length will be suitable for girls of small stature

Coat - outerwear, which is very popular with the ladies since ancient times. Modern ladies like to wear not only fur coats, but models made of synthetic materials. Some of them look quite attractive.

Choosing a fur coat in the shop, should focus not only on its quality, type of fur, which made the model, its color and other parameters. Women should choose the upper clothing so that it perfectly fit the type of their figure. The coat needs to emphasize the dignity of women and hide flaws.

Girls of low growth should be preferred to models with a length that comes to mid-knee or closes it completely. Longer wear heavier figure, visually makes stunted the girl even lower.

Truncated models of fur coats are also suitable to low fair sex. It should be understood that such models are not very warm. They are ideal for women who are accustomed to travelling by private car. In these clothes they will not have time to freeze on the street. In addition, such clothing is comfortable enough and practically does not restrict movement.

It should be noted that truncated models are more suitable for slender girls. Full ladies it is better to choose the upper clothing that hides a curvy shape.

Currently popular and fur coats with an asymmetrical length. They look quite attractive and is quite suitable for low girls. It should be noted that the fashion for such an original outerwear passes quickly, and the coat usually sold several years ahead. It is for this reason, you should make a choice in favor of a more classic model.

How to choose the right style coats

Stunted girls need to prefer coats semi-fitted silhouette. Flared model in this case will be not quite appropriate, as visually they make a woman below.

Slender girls can be considered a variant of the coat with the belt tied at the waist. If the fairer sex wants to pick up a cropped fur coat, straight cut, she should pay attention to the fact that things length to mid-thigh to visually distort the proportions of the silhouette. This option is suitable only for tall and slender women.

Stunted girls should prefer coats made of fur with short NAP. It is desirable that it had a dark tint.