Inspect your figure in the mirror and decide what body parts you should emphasize. Maybe you have beautiful hands, slim neck or long straight legs. These virtues in no one case do not need to mask. But small defects like a slightly hunched back and a bony chest is worth to camouflage clothing.
Be careful when selecting bulky stuff. Oversized sweaters and wide blazers will give the impression that you are wearing the cast-off clothing. But the knitted dress with a Raglan sleeve, draped top and a tight short skirt will be ideal to sit on a thin figure.
A great option for the slender – layered outfits. Complete top jacket suitable length, top, drape a long scarf and coat. High girls suit long jackets and coats, a little short and slightly tapered. If your job requires wearing classic suits, think about how to sew them in order – most standard models too thin for the figure to sit baggy.
Buying blouses, give preference to models with a number of buttons on chest, difficult fancy collars, soft bows and frill. Owners beautiful hands is to choose sleeveless tops with a high rounded neckline and a model with a halter neckline. Active wear knit, especially with embossed patterns. Sweaters, vests, cardigans in bright colors on thin torso look great.
One of the problems too slim body – no Breasts. Do not buy dresses and tops with a deep neckline, as well as models of transparent fabrics. One of the most unfortunate options, the shirt is thin, wide-set straps-spaghetti. If you really want to try outdoor attire, choose the dresses, low-necked on the back.
Be bold in the selection of accessories. Owner of skinny legs can afford thick knitted leg warmers, colorful socks, fishnet tights and stockings with colorful ornaments. No less attractive is the knitted scarves. You can wind them on the neck in several layers, not fearing to add excess volume. A well-chosen Supplement can diversify any outfit. Create your own collection of accessories and use it often.
Choosing a bag, be guided by your height. Tall women will fit the average model size, preferably with strict geometric shapes. Miniature should prefer elegant clutch handbags and models on chains and straps that are worn on the shoulder.