You will need
  • - the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation,
  • - insurance certificate of state pension insurance,
  • - military ID or military service registration certificate, work - book.
In McDonald's you can get through a single reception Centre for work (phone - (495)755-66-33. You can also contact any Manager in any McDonald's.
When applying for a job you must have a Russian passport, insurance certificate of state pension insurance, work-book (if McDonald's is not the first job came and arranged not concurrently), military ID or registration certificate. The applicant will fill out the questionnaire. Employers will consider it for about two weeks.
The candidate must pass two interviews. After formal adoption will be prompted to the registration of documents and issuance of directions for the medical examination to obtain a medical certificate, which is mandatory for activities in the sphere of public catering.
Immediately after obtaining the medical record of a new employee are invited to the restaurant for training. The first day of training is considered the first day of work and paid. Probation at McDonald's two months.