Advice 1: How to charge a disposable electronic cigarette Pons

Disposable electronic cigarette Pons designed for multiple "processes" of Smoking. It is believed that it can replace a pack of classic cigarettes. Do not rush to throw it away after the battery is depleted. Despite the positioning of the cigarette as disposable, it can be recharged, thus saving a certain amount of money.
How to charge a disposable electronic cigarette Pons
You will need
  • - automatic charger for mobile phones; - tweezers; clips for cables; soldering; test tool or the led marked; - the e-liquid cartridge cigarette.
Disassemble disposable e-cigarette. To do this, pinch the mouthpiece and pull it off. Carefully remove with tweezers "stuffing" cigarettes: the battery, atomizer, polyester wadding, wicks.
Cut the plug from the charger for mobile phones. Remove the insulation at the ends of the wires. Solder to the transactions charging the two clips.
Determine the polarity from the charging wires with a tester. To do this, connect "plus" to one wire of the charging device and "minus" to the other. Put it on a tester a DC voltage. Turn on the charger to the network.
Look at the readings on the tester. If the voltage is positive, the "plus" and "minus" of the tester are connected respectively to the "plus" and "minus" charge. The negative voltage on the device means that the "plus" of the tester is connected to the "minus" of the battery charger.
If no tester, determine the polarity from the charger or the battery using the led marked. Connect it to the charger. Turn on the charger to the network. If the led lights up, its "plus" is "plus" charging, and "minus" "minus".
Attach the charger clips to the battery terminals, observing polarity. Connect the charger to the network. When AC power at 100mA charging disposable electronic cigarette Pons will be approximately 3 hours. When the battery is fully charged, the automatic charger will shut off the current.
Refill cartridge cigarette fluid using a conventional disposable syringe. Assemble the electronic cigarette. Now it can be used again.
Useful advice
To simplify the process of charging disposable electronic cigarette Pons using universal charger "frog". The charge is controlled by an integrated microchip and switches off automatically when reaching required level.

Advice 2 : How to disassemble electronic cigarette

Electronic cigarette – a device that replaces a cigarette and making the process of Smoking is almost harmless. Because it contains no tobacco, then inhaling into your lungs do not get the carcinogenic and other harmful chemical compounds. While Smoking this cigarette the evaporation of liquid nicotine and smokers appear the same sensations that he is experiencing, inhaling a conventional cigarette.
How to disassemble electronic cigarette
You will need
  • - tweezers;
  • - plastic tube with diameter less than the diameter of the electronic cigarette;
  • - small hammer;
  • - pliers;
  • - drill;
  • - needle;
  • - soldering iron.
Electronic cigarette consists of three main parts: - a replacement cartridge which houses the liquid nicotine; the battery that supplies voltage to the atomizer and the light, mimicking the light at the end of the cigarette; the atomizer, through which the evaporation of the nicotine liquid.In the case of malfunction of the device, it is most commonly associated with the work of the atomizer. if you don't want to take it in for repair, you can disassemble the e - cigarette by yourself and inspect the evaporator.
Carefully using tweezers, remove the center pin, and desolder the wire. Remove the print cartridge. Grasp the battery with one hand and the other on the atomizer and start to "bend" a cigarette in the place of the connection, as if "breaking off" the atomizer. Don't put a lot of effort, twisting the device in different directions until you see a gap between the threaded part and the body of the cigarette.
Remove the case. Depending on the brand of cigarettes you can withdraw only the outer tube or, in another case, appears threaded connector. In this case, proceed very carefully not to accidentally tear off the soldered wire. If you have taken only the external casing, put it back and continue to "bend" a cigarette. In the second case, insert the plastic tube with a diameter less than the diameter of the electronic cigarette, the cartridge. Take the atomizer in your hand and gently tapping the tube with a hammer, knock out the inner shell from the outer one.
Remove the bottom plastic washer. If the wire is affixed, then gently with the tip of the needle clean off the glue around the holes and then gently pull all the wires. If they are glued the entire length of the channel, you will have to make the effort to tear them away from the body with pliers. Glue clogged holes can be cleaned with a drill.
Remove mugs from metaleta located at the bottom and unwind metalistu wound across the bridge in the transverse direction. Clear the bridge, unwind foam around the glass.
Pull out the spiral, pushing the wire from the battery. They also can be pulled out with tweezers from the side of the cartridge, if the spiral is badly damaged.
Useful advice
The Assembly of the electronic cigarette produce in the reverse order.

Advice 3 : Should you buy electronic cigarette

Electronic cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular in the world because they are very convenient does not require matches, ashtrays and other important accessories. Besides, they are not the source of a nasty flavors, they can smoke in public places without any problems.
Should you buy electronic cigarette

Why should you take electronic cigarettes

In fact, electronic cigarettes produce vapor, not smoke. This means that a person inhales is not the products of burning tar and paper, which are extremely harmful to the condition of the body, but a mixture of glycerin, nicotine, and propilenglikole, which is much less harmful.

An advantage of such cigarettes can be considered the ability to "tune" the content of nicotine in the liquid, which they made. With time, you can finally go to the options without nicotine, if you reduce the amount gradually. And beznikotinovye cigarettes help to quit Smoking entirely.
In Israel, electronic cigarettes are sold even in pharmacy kiosks

Nowadays smokers are restricted in their rights to smoke the cost of cigarettes is increasing day by day, which is why electronic cigarettes have become popular so quickly. In fact, the electronic cigarette klassificeret as an electronic simulator of Smoking tobacco, which works on the principle of inhalation with the total elimination of the combustible components. That is why the Smoking of such cigarettes is allowed in many public places. Due to the absence of combustion products, this device just does not create opportunities for "passive Smoking", that is not harmful to children and women.

Cigarettes for fans to make their feelings

High-tech cigarette lovers cigarette with unusual taste. You can buy a number of replacement cartridges with different flavors, from melon to coffee. To each cartridge if you want you can buy a bottle of fluid for refills, so finding your ideal unusual cigarettes, you won't lose it. If you are a lover of experiments, you should try to buy electronic cigarette.

If we talk about the cons of electronic cigarettes, many smokers believe that the feeling of Smoking "not those", and so buy yourself such a device only in case of contingencies – distant travelling, long meetings anywhere without the ability to run to the Smoking room, etc. on the other hand, you can always go back to the usual pattern. Of course, electronic cigarettes are more expensive than regular. But it's a one-time investment that quickly pay for themselves. It allows you a month to save a couple of hundred rubles, and sometimes even more.
Going to buy electronic cigarette Smoking on airplanes? Read rules of the carriers. Sometimes these cigarettes are prohibited for carriage and use on Board.

Due to the significant weight of the public tobacco companies in the world, in several countries such cigarette is banned for sale. And there are quite exotic situation. For example, in Germany, any citizen can buy e-cigarette cartridges-nicotine liquid. But this can only be done abroad (or in foreign online stores), in the country to sell e-cigarettes strictly forbidden.

Advice 4 : Matter how to health electronic cigarette

Quitting Smoking is quite difficult. Patches, candy, and other tools do not always help to get rid of the addiction. There is a very good alternative – electronic cigarette. But you need to understand they are harmful or not.
Matter how to health electronic cigarette

The principle of operation

This device works on the principle of the inhaler. When tightening the fluid in the cartridge is gradually converted into steam at the expense of a certain signal which is fed to the microchip. At the end of electronic cigarettes in the process of evaporation led is red, thus reproducing the full visual atmosphere of comfort.

The only significant difference of the electronic cigarettes from real on operational grounds is that this device periodically needs to be recharged. It is worth noting that one electronic cigarette is approximately comparable to a pack of regular cigarettes. However, much depends on model and quality ink cartridge.

The harm and benefit

Many believe that e-cigarettes cause more damage than normal. Often, this opinion becomes a reason why people refuse to even try them. However, this is not true. Electronic cigarettes do not contain substances such as hexamine, ammonium, carbon monoxide, cadmium or Bhutan. All of this can be found in ordinary tobacco products. In the e-cigarette contains: propylene glycol, glycerin, nicotine and water. The first two components are absolutely harmless supplements.

Conventional cigarette is able to allocate more than 4000 harmful substances during burning. In addition, it leaves an unpleasant breath, hair, hands and clothes, contains a number of carcinogens. Substances secreted by tobacco and paper, have a low density and quickly settles. Thus, the increased risk of oncogenic diseases not only the smoker, but also everyone who has contact with him.

The electronic cigarette operates according to the method the liquid is evaporated. It leaves no unpleasant odor, contains no carcinogens and harmful tar. The effect of passive Smoking is minimised.

A well-known fact that in addition to physical dependence Smoking also causes and psychological cravings. Electronic cigarettes help to deal with it. In the aromatic liquid electronic device used purified nicotine to the smoker easily undergo physical cravings from the carcinogens and tar. The danger in this case is nicotine, can be compared with the effects on the body nicotine patches. To help cope with the psychological dependence helps the visual similarity, which worked for a long time designers. Thus, it is seen that less damage to the body does it electronic cigarette.

Advice 5 : How many times can I refill the cartridge

The cartridge of any printer, as a rule, the device is disposable and refilling is not subject. However, their hard run again and again until the cartridge finally goes down.
How many times can I refill the cartridge

May or may not

As you know, the printers there are laser and inkjet. There is also a matrix, but due to the lack of their device cartridge as such to consider them makes no sense.

Laser printers use as a working body of the special toner. As his exhaustion printer produces less and less saturated image and finally the image becomes illegible. In this case, the need to replace the cartridge. But there are special services which carry out not just a replacement, but the replacement toner.

How many will live after this procedure, the cartridge only he knows, especially in the latter samples laser printer refill the actual cartridge is simply impossible, because it is a sealed design.

As for inkjet printers, refill cartridges, there is simply not provided, except CISS, where the ink cartridge is served out of the ordinary containers, where they fill in as you use it.

However, the lack of options such as filling and maintainability of inkjet cartridge, does not stop people. Take an ordinary syringe, the ink of the desired color and through the hole in the stub cartridge is pumped to the eyeballs.

He lives after this procedure differently. Most importantly, the ink to match the type of device and refillable ink cartridge are not lying more than a day dry. According to various sources, thus it is possible to reanimate a cartridge up to five times without any noticeable loss of print quality. This does not apply to so-called photo printers, and high demands on the ink.

How to survive

It is usually assumed that the cartridge to laser printer stand from five to fifteen refills, but keep in mind that occasionally have to change some of the resource details, for example, Raquel.

But there is another limitation. Filling in conjunction with the replacement of parts is called recovery. The frequency of recovery depends primarily on the capacity of the cartridge: if the cartridge is high-capacity, recovery should be performed at each refueling, with the usual capacity is one every 3-5 refills.

Cartridges for ink jet printers, there are also certain limitations. They stand from five to six refills. But the Epson cartridges to fill undesirable. They set the counter of the ink, which must be reset at each refueling. Reset causes the printer stops to consider the state of the cartridge.

On the other hand, for Epson printers CISS are developed and delivered, where the presence of ink is determined visually.
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