You will need
  • - toner
  • newspaper
  • a stick with a curved end
  • - small pliers
  • - Phillips screwdriver
  • - swipe
To start, lay on the table, the newspaper in several layers, so as not to leave stains.
Remove the print cartridge from the printer, move it sliding shutter, and remove the spring, carefully hooking it with a paper clip or needle. Remember, in what position the spring. If you then install it improperly, it can hurt the drum.
Now Unscrew the Phillips screwdriver samotnych two screws, open the cover and slowly take out the drum.
Find the charging roller, gently pry it over the steel part and pull.
Put the drum and the charging roller prepared in advance on paper. Do everything very carefully because the slightest scratch on the parts may degrade your print quality later.
Wipe with a dry cloth the edge of the drum from the toner, taking care.
Then, move the dummy ink cartridge, find the hole and inserted the rod. Awl try to squeeze the rod inside of the cartridge outwards. The same must be done with the other hand.
Remove the pins with pliers.
Carefully divide the cartridge into two parts. You will see a box with the toner and waste toner in the other part.
Now Unscrew a couple of screws in samotnych part of the waste toner, and lift the metal plate.
Vysypite the waste toner, the remains remove with wipes. Then put the metal plate back where it was, and tighten the screws.
Unscrew the screw in the second half of the cartridge. Carefully open the lid holding the magnetic roller with your fingers. Be careful, if the magnetic shaft is disconnected, the entire toner can scatter.
Remove the soft plastic stopper and slowly pour the toner. All this time, don't forget to hold the magnetic roller.
Then insert tube into place, put the cover and screw the screw back in. In another part of the cartridge put back the drum and charging roller. Connect the two halves of the cartridge together and insert the rods back where they were.
Close the cover, the second side of the cartridge and tighten the screw. Install the spring in the same position in which she stood. The cartridge is filled with.