You will need
  • Veronica officinalis;
  • the root of elecampane;
  • - propolis tincture;
  • - kirkazon lomonosovidny
For resorption of infiltration prepare a tincture of Veronica. Take 2 tablespoons of herbs pour 100 ml of alcohol 70% and place over 15 days in a dark place, shaking occasionally. For the treatment of infiltration imposes on him a compress with tincture of Veronica for 6-7 hours, then let to dry the skin and apply the poultice again. After 3-5 treatments, the infiltration disappears.
The elecampane root in folk medicine used very widely, including in the treatment of inflammatory processes. Has a pronounced antimicrobial action. Take 1 tablespoon of crushed root elecampane put in a dark bowl and pour 100 ml of 70% alcohol medical. Put in a dark cool place for 7 days. Then strain and mix in half with 20% tincture of propolis, which can be either ready to buy at the pharmacy, or prepare yourself.
For cooking take 20 g of propolis, cool in the freezer to make it easier to crumble up and pour 100 ml of 70% alcohol. Insist 21 days, then strain. Propolis tincture is ready to use.
After connecting the elecampane tincture and propolis, wet a piece of cotton wool, apply to the infiltration and secure. Change the dressing twice a day, giving between changing the poultice, dry the skin surface within 30-50 minutes. After 4-6 packs, as a rule, the infiltrate resolved.
Simultaneously with applying a compress, take a mixture of liquors inside, pre-dissolved 20-30 drops in 50 ml of water three times a day.
Kirkazon lomonosovidny is recommended for the treatment of boils, abscesses, purulent wounds, trophic ulcers, infiltrates, abscesses. The plant requires careful observance of dosage, due to the strong toxicity. Take 1 tablespoon of herbs and pour 100 ml of rubbing alcohol 70%. Put in a cool dark place for infusion for 15 days, then strain. Wet a piece of cotton in the tincture and apply to the infiltration, apply a compression over the paper and secure with a bandage. Change the dressing every day. Infiltration resolves in the third or fourth day.