You will need
  • - user's manual of the vehicle.
The first thing you need to look closely at the handle, with which management is present in every car wipers (wipers). At the end of the handle are the controls of the BC (Board computer). One of these elements can be called the function selector switch and the second Reset. This part is a reset button and also reset all data on-Board computer.
In the trip computer menu, select sun 1 or sun 2. These readings can be reset separately, which allow to make a comparative description of the data for a certain period of time.
Now you need to turn on the ignition. First you need to press the Reset button, then try to hold this button for two seconds at least. Select from the menu the an values. Thus, you put the counters, the average and absolute fuel consumption to zero and however the average speed and the amount of time movement.
Reset to zero all of the data that contains on-Board computer. The display should appear - - -. Doing this, you need to fix Reset with a single short press.
In the same way, you must reset the parameters, which serve as a signal that it is time to refuel.
Reset all data of the BC (Board computer). Disconnect the battery terminals. After that you should wait for some time - at least 10 minutes.