Do not start to panic ahead of time. Though set rather narrow limits of the normal content of erythrocytes in the blood, we must not forget that every person is different. And what for many is a pathology, for someone may be the norm. If you have noticed that the level of red blood cells in your blood exceeds past results and the doctor has not prescribed you any treatment, this does not mean that he is not competent. If your body begins some disease, they must change and other metrics: first and foremost, the hemoglobin (or color index), platelets, leukocytes.
To determine the cause. Elevated levels of red blood cells is determined by numerous factors. It can occur as a result of dehydration, for the treatment of steroids and corticosteroids, the failure of red bone marrow, and pulmonary diseases, polycystic kidney disease, Cushing's disease, tumors. Detection of erythrocytes in urine indicates inflammatory processes in the urogenital system. Only the correctly identified cause and focuses on her early treatment will help avoid complications.
Bloodletting. In addition to pharmaceuticals aimed at addressing the specific cause of the increase or decrease of red blood cells, it is possible to conduct courses of phlebotomy. In connection with the expansion of the red bone marrow, in patients with polycythemia increases volume of blood circulated. This leads to increased arterial and venous pressure. Bloodletting with the help of incisions, injections or leeches will help reduce the pressure and prevent severe thickening of the blood, and hence the risk of blood clots.
Remember proper nutrition. As in polycythemia, there is a risk of heart diseases, it is necessary to try not to load your body heavy fatty foods, but rather to help him consumption of milk, vegetables and fruits, fish, walnuts, raspberry jam (instead of sugar). It is not recommended to drink alcoholic beverages, as they give an extra load on the heart, liver and thicken the blood. But do you thin the blood will help the lemon juice, so it is useful to add a slice of lemon in green tea, seasoned with honey.