You will need
  • - application for replacement of passport;
  • - the passport of the citizen of the USSR;
  • - 2 photographs;
  • - certificate of registration at the place of residence
  • receipt about payment of state duty.
To change the passport of the USSR for the passport of the Russian Federation, check, have you lived continuously on the territory of Russia on 6 February 1992. If you have such facts (was registered at that time in Russia, studied in school, worked on the territory of the Russian Federation, as there is information in the workbook, etc.), then you are a Russian citizen and can apply for exchange of passports.
In addition to the passport of the USSR you need to bring 3 photos (color or black and white does not matter). The FMS at the place of registration or residence, write the statement on passport replacement. In any Bank, pay the state fee.
If you have a family, testify about the conclusion (or termination) of marriage and birth certificate of children. Reservists must provide a military ID. Take in the passport office a certificate stating where you are registered. If you ever change name or surname, you must bring documents confirming this fact.
In that case, if in 1992, you have not lived continuously on the territory of Russia, so you have no citizenship of the Russian Federation, to exchange the old passport will not work. The FMS staff or a lawyer to determine whether you are a stateless person or a citizen of another state. Then you need to start the procedure of obtaining the citizenship of the Russian Federation.
Depending on you citizenship, determine whether you qualify under a simplified system of obtaining citizenship, and in what time frame you will draw your new status and exchange your passport. For registration of citizenship may be required additional documents. Consult with the employee of the FMS and collect them. After successfully obtaining citizenship, you will automatically be given a passport of the Russian Federation.