Advice 1: How to send resume via e-mail

In our time the Internet can without exaggeration be called the main source of information on vacancies and the primary means of communication with the employer. The vast majority of cases the application takes the form of e-mails to the address of the employer and attached to that summary. And it is from this step depends, will there be a further interaction with the candidate.
How to send resume via e-mail
You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - e-mail program or a browser;
  • - e-mail;
  • - the email address of the employer;
  • - summary in electronic form.
All contacts of the employer that it deems it necessary to disclose, can be found in the vacancy announcement. Email them to be sure: often employers prefer not to divulge the phone to protect itself from calls for the most part obviously unsuitable candidates (and there will always be much more than the vacant seats).

If the source of information about jobs was the company website, email her HR unit must be either in the description of specific jobs, either in the section on career.

It is best to copy it directly from the source and paste in the appropriate field of the letter.
In the box for the theme, specify the kind of addressing. For example: "applying for..." or "CV for the position...".

The recipient should see that was not spam but a request for his interest in the subject. In addition, it will give more chances that your email will pass through spam filter.
Don't forget to attach the CV file with the help of a special button ("Attach file", "Attachement" or otherwise close in meaning).
Send to the employer a blank email with the attached summary has long been considered bad form. Use the message body for the cover letter. The purpose of this paper is to convince the employer that it makes sense to spend time opening the CV file, and immediately delete your message.

If you really have nothing to say, you can use the option: "Hello! Please consider my candidacy for the vacant position... and to see my resume in the attached file. Sincerely, ..."

Even this banal and formulaic variant looks much better than a message without this text.
Before you send your letter, check it out. Make sure that the text is free from grammatical errors. And if the language is not in trouble (which in itself is not a crime, but in this case wrong), enter it in MSWord. Now though not the best helper, but even worse - even without him.

Check whether the attached summary, outdated or focused on a particular profession or position. If something is wrong, replace.

Only when you are sure that everything is as it should be, the letter can be considered ready to ship.
A common mistake applicants: name the file with a summary just resume.doc. And the employer can get millions of emails containing an attachment with the same name. Well, and how to identify when all responses for a job usually saved in the same folder? It is better to use additional identifiers: name and surname plus job title or position, under which is a specific summary (if you are interested in multiple positions, a summary for each should be separate and highlight strengths most relevant to this position and bring it to the forefront of in-demand it skills and experience).
Useful advice
Do not send resume in the body of the message, except when requested by the employer.
When you use for a resume MSWord is better to keep the file available for the old version of the editor. It will open and new, which the employer may not be (and there are many, including very respectable companies), and the previous variations of the program.

Advice 2 : How to remove summary from the site

Today, more and more people resort to finding work through the Internet. Many sites devoted to employment, offer thousands of jobs and stored in their databases no fewer summary. But sooner or later, the search ends, and the time comes to remove the summary from the website. This can be done in a couple of minutes.
How to remove summary from the site
Go to the website where you placed your summary, using your login and password. If you have forgotten your password, use the password recovery procedure.
Go to your account or personal page.
Go to your summary section or in the "Management summary" (depending on the interface of the website).
Find the link "Delete". Sometimes the uninstall process is complete a summary with the site, you must confirm your decision by clicking the link in the email that will be sent to your registered mail address. As a rule, after the removal of the summary , you stop receiving and distribution site, such as new jobs.
Useful advice
Some sites provided the opportunity to make a summary is not available for viewing to anyone except you. Thus, you can not delete your data but simply to remove the summary from the database. It is very convenient, it is not excluded that after some time you again think about finding a new job, and you don't have to re-write a resume. You only need to add new data.

Advice 3 : How to send a message by e-mail

Email is a very convenient service that is designed for correspondence and sharing images. Its main advantage is high speed of delivery of messages and available user interface.
How to send a message by e-mail
Specify the message text. If you are going to add to the letter the file contained in the phone memory, camera or other electronic device, transfer them to a computer.
Go to your Inbox (,,, etc.). If you have not, then register it on any mail server. It does not take much time.
On the main page of the mailbox create a new letter. To do this, click on "New email" or "Compose", you will see a form to fill in. In the to field write the email address of the recipient. Be sure to check the correctness of his writing. Below, specify the subject, but it is not required attribute to be sent.
In the designated field, type the text you want to send or paste the already prepared version.
If necessary, attach additional files. To do this, locate and click Attach. In the opened window before you select the files you want, if among the displayed icons there are none, look for them in another folder. To the top of the window click on the arrow, which is located under the word "Folder". You will see a list of possible locations, which are designed to store information. Select the location first, and then the folder containing the desired file. To start downloading, click "Open" or "Download".
After a successful attachment of the necessary files, writing text messages and any email address of the recipient, click "Send" which is located either under the form of a letter or above it, depending on the mailbox you use. After a few seconds the recipient received your message. If not, check whether you have specified correct contact information.
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