You will need
  • - passport; - international passport; - drivers license; - the document on education; - photo 3x4.
In the practice of personnel services are often used questionnairethat contains the list of the most important to the employer issues that may not be reflected in the summary. Subsequently, the information provided serves as a base for the formation of the personal file of the employee. Standardized format of the questionnaire does not exist, so each company develops its on its discretion.
Having the form of questionnaire, first review the list of questions to ask the hiring Manager strange moments. Don't refuse to complete the questionnaire, even if it is an exact duplication of your resume.
Write neatly and legibly, with poor handwriting – printed letters that your answers are clear. Avoid spelling errors: it is very likely that a prospective employer does not welcome illiterate employees.
Fill in all the fields and sections of the application form. Do not ignore even the questions, the answers to which may not be in your favor. Write only truthful and accurate information, as it can check.
Pay attention to the presentation of information about previous jobs: list them in the chronological order, which is required by the employer, starting from the last place or first. Specify date and names of the enterprises in accordance with the employment records. If you previously worked in a company where brand and name of the legal entity are not the same, indicate this.
As a rule, in questionnaire for employment include a question about desired salary. To give an adequate response and to characterize myself as a man who knows her worth, find out in advance the approximate range of salaries for similar positions in the industry to which a company belongs, and add 10-15%.
Try to answer the questions concisely, avoiding unnecessary detail, but at the same time, clearly and specifically. Pay attention to the points about the personal qualities, achievements, future plans, Hobbies. You have to present a versatile and solid personality.
To avoid mistakes in the presentation of information on education, work and writing details of the documents, take passport, passport, diploma, driver's license, employment record book. Write down the addresses of the companies where you worked before, phones and surnames, names and patronymics of the persons who can give you recommendations. It is not excluded that may be required, so make a standard set of pictures 3x4.
Correctly completed application form to describe the applicant as a responsible and disciplined person. These qualities are highly valued by employers and increase the chances of reaching a desired position.