Get the inspection report. This can be done on the day of visit of tax officials, and later by mail.
Make an objection to the inspection report. You have by law is only fifteen days. The document is drawn up in free form. However, there are points that should be present necessarily:

- the name of the tax service that conducted the test (you can take it out of the act);
- the name of your organization indicating the form of ownership;
legal and actual address of the company;
- information about the inspection - number, date of arrival of employees of the tax service.
Correctly write the main content of the text. Challenge specific items of the act. Rely primarily on laws, not on the circumstances. You can also use in the argument by-laws, resolutions of the Ministry of Finance and the judicial decisions already taken place on similar issues with other organizations. To aid in the selection of legal information, attract the company's lawyer or an outside specialist. Do not use the letter too emotional vocabulary - factual.
At the end of the objection would again list the items in the inspection report with which you disagree. The resulting document must be signed or the Director-General of the organization, or other person with right of signature on power of attorney. Also on the letter you need to put the seal of the organization. Make a copy of the statement to her tax officer put a mark about acceptance of documents.
Please attach documents supporting your version of the situation and refute the report. The resulting set of documents should be submitted to the tax authority at the location of the organization. Your application will be registered and dealt with.