You will need
  • printed sheets with assortment list in two copies, pens, program of automation of accounting
Close the store early if the audit is conducted in the evening. Pending on the night, it risks to take. First, the heads of those present are not as bright. Secondly, the staff will be nervous that you'll miss the transport. And employees many experts believe. Besides the evening subconsciously strong desire to do everything faster, in fact, distorting the numbers, or the leftovers.
Print assortment of goods in two copies. One instance – checking, second – the Director, Manager or merchandiser, depending on who in the store is the oldest according to staffing. Move not on the list, and places for storage of goods. For example, at the grocery store first to undertake a revision of the deep-freezing. The goods on the pallets shall be made in the corridor each name in turn weighed or counted (if we are talking about a piece goods). All the measurements are recorded. This should be done quickly, otherwise the frozen food could start to melt. Not finished with one camera, it is not necessary to start another. In this case, it will be possible to forget something.
Finish with weight product, proceed to the piece (in packs of several units) and small (individual packages). In the last turn during the audit of a grocery store cheated alcoholic beverages. As a rule, they should be treated with greater attention than to the rest of the product. The fact that some unscrupulous sellers can bring your own alcohol to really make it through your store, and profit to put in your own pocket. That you miss the benefits and even can not speak, it definitely. But there is an even greater disadvantage, which may burden lie on your organization. Talking about the discrepancy of dates of the spill, excise stamps and other markings for those which are reflected in the accompanying documentation for the products from your supplier. Any verification'll know it and you will suffer losses no greater example than from profits. So during the audit for alcohol should look carefully...
Proceed to the introduction of commodity balances in the program, which is used in your store. As a rule, the major outlets have one of universal automation systems, which after the introduction of the data will be ready to give the result of the audit. If the automation system is not, and all will have to count manually, it makes sense to use the following formula: "the result of the last revision plus coming minus expenditures equal the remainder of the current audit. That's what had to happen. Compare with real data and see how things are going in your store.