You will need
  • - appropriate shampoo and conditioner, --- sturdy comb,
  • - elastic band for hair
  • - rim
  • - vitamins.
Prepare yourself mentally for the upcoming tests. Growing hair is a very unusual and uncomfortable, they stick out in all directions, climb in the face, tickled his neck. It will take some time before they will settle down as it should.
Prepare counter-arguments to the perplexed relatives, friends and colleagues who definitely torment you with questions, stereotypes and persuasion to get a haircut. In their speeches, even can get caught N. V. Kulikovskaya grain from the "You're not coming." Be strong! Started to grow hair very few people go, but longhairmen are usually very annoying others their freedom.
Determine your hair type (dry, oily, normal) and their structure (straight, wavy, curly). Learn the procedure to care for them. You may need additional tools for hair care, in addition to the usual shampoo or even medical intervention. There is nothing to be ashamed of.
To speed up hair growth will help special vitamins that nourish hair follicles, and scalp massage. If you keep forgetting about these procedures, no trouble. The hair will still grow, just slower. A massage can be partly replaced by intense scratching.
Remember that the man with long hair attracts attention, and it requires. How will you produce the impression, is entirely up to you. Watch out not only for hair but for all its appearance - posture, clothing, manner of speech, facial expression. You stand out from the crowd, and any fault in your way noticeable brighter.