Reasons for the increased hairiness in men

The cause of increased hair in men is hypertrichosis. This includes the excessive growth of terminal and vellus hair in areas where normal hair growth is quite normal. This necessarily takes into account the age and national characteristics of the person. For example, hair growth on breast in men is considered normal. But increased hairiness indicates hypertrichosis. Hypertrichosis may be congenital or acquired. In congenital hypertrichosis at birth a person has seen hair. To occur such a phenomenon is likely the result of taking some drugs and chemicals.

Congenital hypertrichosis

The term "congenital hypertrichosis" refers to the appearance of body hair of the child at birth. Sometimes this pathology even notice until the baby's born, when it is in the womb. Cause of hypertrichosis are genetic syndromes. In this case, rusty can and the terminal, and vellus hair. There is increased hairiness in all children differently. Some hair distributed over the body, and others they are on some certain areas. Among men, it is believed that the increased hairiness affects the temper of a man. However, this theory is wrong. The error of this opinion is proven by experts.

Acquired hypertrichosis

The appearance of acquired hypertrichosis in men is usually observed due to the use of certain drugs. Also the emergence of this phenomenon could affect the mechanical impact, UV light or certain chemicals such as diphencyprone, dinitrochlorobenzene, psoralen.

Increased hairiness – decoration or defect?

Increased hair in men indicates a high level in his testosterone levels. Some people believe that this indicates a sign of high sexuality of men. In fact, these concepts are completely unrelated. If a woman is like a brutal man, for it increased hairiness, of course, would be a sign of attraction. Some even linked the brutality and aggression.

Many men perceive with higher hairiness as attractive and sexy individuals. This is usually due to the fact that they have elevated levels of testosterone in the body, and this substance is "male" hormone.

About sexuality and attractiveness in men there are many opinions. Different sources say about it in their own way. Sometimes attractive is considered to be bald or long fingers. For every female the concept of male attractiveness is purely individual character.