If you wonder – how fast the hair grows on the head and the body, you need to consider several different facts which have a direct impact on the growth process.

How many and how much the hair grows back

If you want to measure average performance, you can only do this provided that you are quite healthy, follow all the rituals for the care of scalp and hair, and eat right. In this case, your hair will grow back within the week by 2.5 mm per month on all 10 mm.
However, experts claim that there are people who have hair can grow faster with these regulations is approximately 1.5-2 cm per month. It depends on genetics, and even the person's nationality.

Generally hair grows in phases, which are very strictly divided. They are even often referred to as life stages or their life cycle. Generally, there are three main phases of hair growth:
- anagen;
- kitchen;
- telogen.

In the first phase, anagen begins forming a new hair, still in the form of bulbs, which is the root of the hair. It is worth remembering that this is the longest phase of hair growth, which lasts at least 2 to 4 years. If you look for analogies of this phase in nature, it can be compared to spring.

The onset of the catagen phase represents the end of growth of hair. Part of processes already completed, the other coming to an end. In fact hair no longer grows. This phase is quite short lasting about couple of weeks. Compare it with summer.

The telogen phase usually distinguish 2 subtypes: early and late. In the first case, the hair is not growing but does not fall. Keep track of this phase can be on the border of hair growth, i.e. they grow to certain level, then stop.
Hair length and the thickness of an individual and also depend on a huge number of factors: heredity, lifestyle, health, etc.

Late is usually called telogen loss of hair, i.e. its natural death. It is given to him from a few days to 3-4 months. After the hair falls out, again, begins the first phase of formation of new follicles. So you can not worry that will without hair. Compare late telogen usually in the fall.

On average one follicle grows over a lifetime, up to 20 hairs.

How many years to grow hair

To determine how many years you will grow hair in the first place is to see if you have a propensity for baldness. If it is noted, of course, to rely on long hair to a ripe old age. Often, of course, that the affected men. However, the ladies can also be met such a problem.

In all other cases, the hair will grow in a person until the very end of life. Of course, with age they become a little worse, the roots are weak, the bulbs are less healthy, etc. But grow they will.

Natural hair loss is considered to be from 40 to 100 hairs per day. If you feel that you are losing more hair, consult a trichologist, who will help determine the cause, assess the condition of the hair and will help to get rid of the problem.