Start taking vitamins. This is to improve not only the appearance, but also increase the strength of their structure and the rate of chemical processes in the follicles, which are responsible for the intensity growth. You can choose as a General vitamins for the entire body, and drugs that work exactly on the hair.
Don't forget about the hair care. Wash your hair immediately after the first signs of contamination and do not neglect additional assistance in the form of conditioners and masks.
Daily massage the scalp - this will amplify the circulation, which significantly prostimulirujte hair growth. In addition, use a special mixture of massage, where on the shelves a lot, or massage into skin using olive oil, which contains in its composition a lot of vitamins.
Alleviate the process of growing hair. Be prepared for the fact that in the early stages of your hair will be bad shape, have lost all shape. To avoid mocking looks help the band, bandana or baseball cap.
But the use of styling products is not necessary, because they clog the pores on the skin, which prevents the follicles to breathe and this will lead to another slowdown in the growth of hair.
Try to change your lifestyle for the better. Start eating right, because healthy hair growth required material: iodine, iron, calcium, beta-carotene. Ditch unhealthy habits such as Smoking and alcohol, and where possible, avoid stressful situations and get plenty of rest.
Your hair, as, in fact, the whole appearance, are indicators of the health of your body, so watch out for their health. Excessive hair loss and slow hair growth should alert you to pay attention to the vitamin-mineral balance of the body.