Advice 1: How to disguise the scars on the face

Scars, as we know, only decorated with a man. But women need to still try to hide them. The reasons for the appearance of unsightly scars much. It can be as cut marks or scratches, and the effects of acne. The latter are the most common.
How to disguise the scars on the face
You will need
  • - soft wax for make-up;
  • - leveling base under makeup;
  • - liquid Foundation;
  • - loose powder;
  • - corrector.
Depending on the size of the scar you must choose a corrective tool. If the scar is quite noticeable, then deal with him only with the help of decorative cosmetics will not work. In this case, you will need a special soft wax used by makeup artists. Apply it on the scar so that was not noticeable the boundary of the application. But it is not suitable for long usage as when the temperature increases just flow. Categorically not suitable for such a product and places on the face of active facial expressions.
A small scar or marks from acne can be hidden using a special leveling base. Most often it is based on silicone. Apply it on whole face on top of moisturizer and a good spread. Silicone base required quite a bit (of a pea size is enough for entire face). Before you apply makeup, wait a few minutes for it to lay on the face.
To disguise the scars will help liquid Foundation with a dense coating. To do this, take a small amount and with your finger or sponge apply it on the problem spot, driving into the skin. The border coating evenly. Secure Foundation loose powder. For a denser coverage, you may need to apply several layers of Foundation. It can be replaced with cream powder. But it may not provide the necessary dense cover.
If tone means fail, use special products created specifically to hide flaws - correctors. Choose tools with a dense dry texture. Usually they are made in the form of a solid lipstick or a stick, which makes their use particularly convenient. Apply dabs of concealer on the scar and blend thoroughly border of the application. From top to secure the loose powder.
When the "color" of the scars, use the principles of color correction. Red neutralizes green, purple - yellow and blue - orange. But in its pure form like this concealer rarely goes well even experienced craftsmen. And not to go with colored spots on the faceneed to disguise the corrector. So on top of it carefully applied Foundation. Besides, choose the right color corrector is quite difficult. Because the package is "clean" the color on the skin will look quite different.

Advice 2: How to disguise a scar

Although they say that the scaryou decorate, this statement applies solely to representatives of a strong half of mankind. For women, by contrast, scar is a serious flaw that spoils the appearance and gives a lot of inconvenience. What do you do to the ugly scar has become invisible?
How to disguise a scar
Use a dry concealer.
This is perhaps the best tool to mask any skin imperfections, including and scars. Today concealers with excellent, reliable and long-lasting masking effect produces most of the major cosmetic companies. To use this tool is quite simple. You should choose a concealer with a dry texture, apply it with a brush directly on the scar and wash on the edges. The tool then you need a good shade.
Try to use loose powder.
Apply on the area with the scar moisturizer or a special cream under makeup. Then with a brush apply a little loose powder and also blend. Try to make the boundary between the masked area and other areas of the skin were invisible. By the way, especially helps the loose powder kind of girl whose face has scars from acne. And the liquid Foundation and compact powder in this case, help worse.
Make a tattoo.
This method is suitable only brave people are not confused and surprised glances. Of course, the face tattoo will not do, but in cases where the scars are on the arms, legs, shoulders, stomach, back or even the neck, this method sometimes becomes a real salvation. However, in this case it is necessary to choose the master and the Studio very carefully – because to make a quality tattoo that will completely cover the scar, only a true professional.
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