First, frequent numbness you can fight traffic. The movement here is one of the most effective means of struggle, because it determines the rhythm of the blood circulation in the body. Physical activity such as brisk walking, Jogging and aerobics, in that case, if they are regular, improve circulation, that will allow you to get rid of the problem.
Very often the cause are weak vessels. To strengthen them, use the methods of Niches. Here is one of the most simple exercises: lie on your back, place under the neck cushion. Arms and legs lift up so your feet are parallel to the floor. One to three minutes at the same time shake hands and feet.
For getting rid of leg numbness also try this recipe. Type two basins of water: one cold water the other with hot. Alternately fold the legs in each basin and hold them there for at least 30 seconds. All "shifts" of a basin should be 5. Then smear the legs with turpentine and put on warm socks. Repeat procedure morning and evening for about 10 times.
The reason may be the so-called tunnel syndrome. In that case, if it is really so, monotonous work is very important to do every 30-60 minutes at least small breaks.
Smoking causes spasm of small vessels that can also affect your feet. This means that if you want to get rid of the numbness, will have to get rid of Smoking.
Constrict blood vessels that can also contribute to numbness of the feet such foods as coffee, strong tea and alcohol. Discard them and maybe the problem will disappear by itself.
To resolve the problem, try to eat more hot food, which is rich in iron. In your diet also need to sign and grass.
In the cold season, all people who suffer from numbness of the feet, very very important to dress warmly and to prevent the freezing feet or getting wet.
In that case, if you plan to spend self-treatment, you will first notice the traditional recipes for cleansing vessels.