Signs and symptoms

Symptoms of neuropathy depend on the nature of the damage to the nerves and their location. While the involvement of sensory fibers, the patient may experience reduced sensitivity in the feet or hands, he faintly perceives touch, cold or heat. Sometimes the sensitivity, conversely, increases. Appear paresthesia, sensation of sand in the shoes, it seems that the body running insects. Often concerned about the persistent, aching pain in the limbs. Appears violation of coordination of movements.

Lesion of motor fibers leads to muscle weakness, gradual atrophy. You may experience cramps and muscle spasms. Disturbed nutrition of the skin with the development of dryness, reducing its protective properties. In the future, it leads to purulent processes, tissue necrosis, slow healing of injuries.

Causes of neuropathy

The causes of this disorder can be diseases such as diabetes, arthritis rheumatoid symptoms, renal and hepatic failure, hypothyroidism, tumors, tuberculosis, HIV, multiple sclerosis.

Sometimes neuropathy are not the result of disease and develop in case of lack of folic acid or b vitamins Cause nerve damage can be intoxication - poisoning of the mercury, arsenic, acetone or other other types of toxic substances. Neuropathy may cause action of some medications. Alcoholic neuropathy is the most common complication of the abuse of alcohol and its surrogates.

Post-traumatic neuropathy develops when squeezing and malnutrition of nerve fibers due to acute trauma, severe stroke, herniated disc, wrong education of post-traumatic scars.

Treatment and prevention of neuropathy

The treatment of this disease depends on the cause conduction disturbances of nerve fibers. Measures aimed at restoring the function of a suffering nerve.

When toxic damage is necessary to identify and stop toxic effects, substitute drug to withdraw with a bad production, etc. the Treatment of diabetic forms aimed at maintaining normal blood sugar level. Post-traumatic lesions of the nervous fibers are treated deliverance from the consequences of traumatic factor.

Patient assigned pain relievers, vitamins, drugs that improve metabolic processes. Is physical therapy.

Given that neuropathy often becomes chronic, all measures are taken to prevent exacerbation. They are reduced to timely treatment of infectious and systemic diseases, muscle stimulation in orthopedic treatment. Patients with neuropathy in remission recommended Spa treatment, where applicable, treatments like psychotherapy, acupuncture, massage, exercise therapy, magnetotherapy, phototherapy, laser therapy.