Despite the fact that the café in Russia is much less than in Europe, some of them feel the lack of customers. In many cases this is because customers began to visit fashion network institutions with high standards of quality. The name of the network café , with rare exception, are not original. A good title will be able to select it on the background network of institutions and pay attention.
The name of the cafe should not only be catchy and original (otherwise about him just forget), but the relevant concepts. Cafe-bar suitable for one name, while the coffee shop is quite different, though institutions the first and the second type fall under the definition of "café". The concept, moreover, are not only main dishes or drinks on offer at the institution, but also its environment. There's cafes are cozy and homely, there is a trendy happening places, there are places for respectable business people most of all appreciate high level of service.
In General, any successful name for business product or service depends on its nature and its target audience. Important, of course, showiness and originality. But first of all, think about what your title should act? Who are your future customers? From how your potential customers perceive the name depends part of the success. Therefore, for youth cafés will suit the same name, and for a solid is quite different.
Overall, the development name for the café will consist of the following stages:
1. the definition of the concept and a rough clientele of the future dining, T. E., the target audience;
2. an analysis of the names of other cafesthat are visited by the target audience;
3. the creation of approximately 10 variants of the name;
4. check with familiar representatives of the target audience (friends, family, etc.);
5. the selection of the most appropriate ones according to representatives of the target audience;
6. the final definition of the name.