You will need
  • - the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • - birth certificate of the child.
The parent capital is available at the disposal of the family on the basis of registered document of the state certificateissued by the Pension Fund of Russia. The procedure for obtaining the parent certificate is very simple. After the child's birth parents within one month register the newborn in the registry office, and then receive a certificate of his birth.
The same is made the parent a certificate in the pension Fund at the place of residence of the family. Collect required documents: applicant's passport (citizen of the Russian Federation with a mark about residence permit), birth certificate, proof of citizenship of the child (for foreign citizens).
In some cases, you may need other documentation: - the judgment about adoption of a child or children; - death certificate of the mother of the child (children); - the court decision on deprivation of the parent rights;- the announcement of the mother (parents, adoptive parents) are dead; - power of attorney (for persons applying for power of attorney); - a statement of the place of actual residence in the territory of the Russian Federation for persons who do not have a place of residence confirmed by registration.
Fill in the pension Fund the application form. Grant documentation. Note that documents are delivered either in the original or transmitted in copies certified by a notary.
The deadline for issuance of the certificate is one calendar month from the date of submission of the application. During this time, the office of the Pension Fund of Russia takes a decision and within five calendar days notifies the applicant on refusal of issuance of a certificate or a positive decision.
If the answer is negative, then the decision can be appealed in court or higher authority of the Pension Fund. If you have received a positive response, then after a month come to the pension Fund and take the maternity certificate.