Who is eligible for maternity capital

Families in which after January 1, 2007, was born second, third, fourth or subsequent child are entitled to state support in the form of the parent capital. Its size is indexed annually, in 2007 it was 250 000 rubles, and in 2013 already 960,50 408 rubles. To receive the parent capital it is possible only 1 time, that is, the third child, he will not be granted if the second was already formed.

How to receive maternity capital

To receive the parent capital it is necessary to apply to the territorial office of the Pension Fund of Russia at the place of residence. Please bring with you the following documents:
- passport of the applicant;
- birth certificate (adoption) of all children with stamps the passport and visa service of citizenship;
- the application for the parent capital. You can fill it on the spot or at home, the standard form available on the website of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation.
During the month, provided the documents are examined, after which the applicant receives a message about the decision to issue the parent capital (or refusal). To receive the certificate, you must visit a territorial office of the Pension Fund.
The deadline to apply for a registration certificate on the parent capital is not limited. The program itself is valid only until 2016, perhaps it will be extended, with some modifications.

The use of the parent capital: housing

Maternity capital or part of it can be used to purchase an apartment or a house or for its construction. The last can be done both independently and with the involvement of outside organizations. Also to the "improvement of living conditions" referred to in the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of December 12, 2007 N 862, the mortgage, therefore, the maternity capital can be used to repay part of the debt on such loans. And finally, the certificate can be used toward the purchase of apartments in under construction house in terms of equity participation. However, not all developers have such programs, and to oblige them not.
When buying a house or apartment shall be transferred to the account of the seller within two months from the date of submission to the FIU of the contract of sale and the certificate of registration of right of ownership.

The use of the University Fund

The maternity capital can be used for the child's education. In particular, it can be spent on the payment of a kindergarten or other preschool educational institutions, as well as for training a child in high school, provided that less than 25 years. The maternity capital can be used for the education of any children or for all.

Use of capital to increase the mother's pension

Another option is the use of family capital is to increase the mother's pension, but rather its storage part, even if she signed a contract with a private pension Fund. In this case the mother has the right subsequently to refuse such an order the parent capital.