You will need
  • - the statement in the Pension Fund;
  • - passport;
  • - birth certificate and a copy of all children;
  • - the original certificate;
  • - other documents depending on the method of acquisition of housing.
To buy housing on the mother's capital, contact the territorial Pension Fund. Write a statement about the desire to use the funds to purchase housing. If you have already bought an apartment or a house on credit or installments, you can apply immediately after the birth, adoption of a second or subsequent child.
If you just want to buy a house and use the funds of the parent capital, then submit your application as soon as the child turns 2 years 6 months, as the consideration of your application will take at least 6 months. To use a certificate for payment for purchased housing can not be earlier than the kid turns 3 years.
In 2011, the sum of the parent capital is 365 700 rubles, which is hardly possible to buy a home, but to pay for part of these funds is even possible. Attach to the application a copy of birth certificates of all the children, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, single mothers, a certificate of residence, certificate of family composition.
When you purchase a home loan you must bring the credit or mortgage agreement, is registered at the Federal state registration center. Also take a certificate from Bank that provided the loan, the amount of your debt.
If you are going to build housing on their own, present to the Pension Fund a copy of the original certificate of ownership of land or lease registered in FPRTS and the building permit issued by the district Department of architecture and urban planning and construction passport of the object.
In any method the purchase of housing, you will not get cash. They will be transferred by wire transfer to the account of the seller, Bank or in payment of construction materials.
After registration of the housing property, you must give the Pension Fund a full report on the expenditure of funds and to submit a certificate of housing ownership in which the co-owners must be your children.