The Federal law on licensing separate types of activity " stipulates that the trade of pharmaceuticals retail subject to mandatory licensing. The companies subject to this condition, are pharmacy organization: pharmacy stores, pharmacies and pharmacies.
The difference is that pharmacies and pharmacies can produce medications prescriptions according to the recipes without them – in the presence of the production Department. Pharmacies can only release finished products.
The license for the pharmacy in the Moscow region issued by the Ministry of health. In Moscow the issuance of licenses by the Department of health of the city. The terms of a license from the submission of documents may differ depending on the specific region. The license period is five years.
Be prepared to conduct on-site inspections, which are carried out by specialists of the health authority. Issued checks by the relevant act of examination.
Pharmacy license is issued with the address of a specific pharmacy. In addition to the constituent documents of the required documents for experts (pharmacists, pharmacists), including their employment record. Experience professionals may not be less than three years.
Accordingly should be the lease (sublease) of the premises, which is involved in licensing. Evidence of ownership by the lessor must also be presented in the documents. Licensing implies the conclusion of bodies of sanitary supervision.
Of course, the premise is that you want to use under the pharmacy operation must be equipped with special furniture and pharmacy refrigeration units. The area of the room must correspond to the type of a pharmacy.
The most common type of license is the license to pharmacy. Its area can be any. The main condition is the availability of the necessary spaces such as shopping facilities, storage room for drugs, a staff room, a WC, a room of acceptance. The minimum size of the area, allowing to place the named premises, approximately 20 square meters.
Pharmacy, in turn, may take only a few square meters and located in the shopping center, for example. It will be possible to implement only the ready products and personal hygiene products.
To obtain a pharmacy license without any problems and delays, you should seek the assistance of professional lawyers. Qualified professionals will be able to explain the procedure for obtaining a license, the licensing features of this kind of activity will help to prepare the necessary documents for license verification.