Compiled inventory inventory in two copies, one of which is transferred to the accounting Department, the second is the reviewer. It needs to be signed financially responsible person, after assessment and checking of all accounting data with the actual presence of values in the organization.
When completing inventory must be completed for all rows. In the Organization field, specify the full name of the campaign, for example, the limited liability company "Vostok". In this same line, you need to specify all-Russian classifier of enterprises and organizations, it and you can see in the records.
Below the line recorded a structural unit, for example, transport. If the campaign uses the codes for such units, he indicated. Then specify the OKVED.
Next you need to write the basis for inventory, such as order (order) of the head. In "date of inventory" and "end date inventory indicates the test period, according to the order.
Exist in the inventory count "transaction Code" if your organization will apply the coding, then put the code, but if no – dash.
In the inventory all values are ordinal numbers, respectively, they appear in the right column, and next put the date of validation for each name and type values, for example, inventories.
After the word which it is necessary to specify rights of ownership, for example owned by the organization.
In column 2, you must specify the account which reflects balances of values, for example, if the materials 10, the basic means – 01.After that, you specify the characteristics of the assets, sort, type, measurement units according to OKEI, inventory number, cost of each unit and the passport number.
After everything is filled counted, the responsible person in the "Actual availability" shall indicate the number and the sum of values, sum up all the remains and record them in the column "total", and then sign.
Next, inventory the inventory is transferred to the accounting Department where they are put down balances listed on the balance sheet. The accountant should sign. If there are differences in the data, is compiled collation statement.