Large in store inventory process begins with the commodity scheme of the store. Usually the goods on the shelves is in thematic groups, so you need to either draw that layout, or paint the points, what group of products you have. Opposite each, write the date of the inventory, because for one day to conduct an inventory impossible. Usually medium size supermarkets spend on this procedure up to a month.
Instruct authorized employees to recount the goods in accordance with established deadlines. The product must be prepared for this process. Obligate those in charge to sort out and organize it, then it will be easy to calculate each unit of product. The count results for each item record in the inventory.
It is possible to carry out verification early in the morning, so as not to hinder the work of the division. However, large shops sometimes close the Department for some time, because better to make a inventory in a relaxed atmosphere.
The next stage of the inventory - analysis of the information received. Of course, very desirable to keep a computer record of goods. In this case, all the actual numbers put in a program that compares them with the credentials, - those who are registered in the computer. The difference appears in the document "check sheet", it reflects all surpluses and shortages. Often stores use 1C "trade Management", but have great potential application Supermag 2000" and "S-Market".
After analyzing collation statement, make credit and debit documents. Sleep what actually is not, and fill in the credentials excess. The big short, according to the law, could be required to reimburse the financially responsible employees. Small differences are usually attributed to theft or errors of accounting.
Following the verification on the basis of the collation report compiled by the inventory Act, which needs to sign of the person who conducted the inventory, and the head of the company - approve.
In small shops you can add products manually, but it is better to use at least Excel. The rest of the General scheme of reconciliation is the same as described above.