Select the most appropriate method of inventory accounting: graded or batch.
At the varietal method, the goods stored in the warehouse for items. For ease of accounting it is desirable to assign each of his mind the item number (SKU). Each of the newly received goods attached to the products of the same name. Material-the responsible person must keep records of goods in physical terms (e.g. kilograms, in packages or in pieces). Records are maintained on the basis of the income and expense of shipping documents in special journals (on paper or in electronic form).
In the batch method, each newly received batch is stored separately from the previously obtained product. She put a special card account , indicating the number of goods in the party and the date of receipt. This method is acceptable when accounting for the bulk of the goods or if the store handles only one product.
Issue the item for invoices that specify the recipient, shipping date, product name (SKU), quantity and value. Upon detection of defective products is the act for the cancellation. Any movement of goods must be documented.
All warehouse documents are delivered to the accounting office where they are checked and put in quantitative and monetary terms, is either written off from account (if the document supplies). To ensure the accuracy of accounting is desirable accounting and inventory accounting in parallel and to periodically reconcile the data.
If a wide range of goods, it is necessary to organize targeted storage system. The entire warehouse is divided into cells with unique numbers (you can use alphanumeric characters) and in the card account for the item contains the address at which the stored. This method allows you to quickly find the desired product, and facilitates physical inventory.
A complete inventory must be conducted at least once a year. But for a more accurate accounting , preferably, not less than once per month. Inventory is a procedure of reconciliation of actual availability of goods (by physical count) and credentials. According to the results of reconciliation is the adjustment of credentials, if there are discrepancies.