You will need
  • - cold and hot water;
  • - ice from decoctions of herbs;
  • - potatoes;
  • pumpkin;
  • green tea;
  • - bandages or gauze;
  • - cabbage;
  • - parsley root.
Try to make a contrast washing. Rinse face several times alternately cold and hot water, finish washing with cold water or wipe with ice. Well, if your refrigerator is in this case harvested ice from the decoction of celandine, chamomile, St. John's wort.
Sit comfortably in a chair and make yourself a massage. Easy stroke and pinch the skin from the center to the periphery along the massage lines. Run your fingers from top to bottom – first on the forehead, then under the eyes, to the temples from the nose, the cheekbones. This massage will take no more than minutes, during this time, improve microcirculation of the skin and puffiness of the face reduced.
Make a mask from raw potatoes. Grate peeled potatoes on a grater, gently squeeze the pulp (juice you can drink, it is good for digestion) and apply the pulp on the face. Minutes rinse with warm water.
Finely chop the pumpkin and cook over low heat, adding water. When it seethe, let cool and add the honey (in two parts pumpkin to one part honey), and stir. Apply on face and rinse after 10 minutes.
Flavored brew green tea and cool. In a cool infusion of wet cloth gauze and apply to face, remove after 10 minutes, rinse the skin.
To relieve swelling of the legs, wrap them with cabbage leaves or a paste of mashed cabbage, from top to wear leg warmers or wrap the feet with bandages. After an hour it will be noticeable result, but it is best to do this procedure at night.
If you often swollen eyelids, mince parsley roots and freeze. As soon as the need is urgent to remove puffiness, place defrosted ground on the cloth and apply to eyelids for 10 minutes.
So in the morning look, try the evening to drink less fluid, not to drink alcohol, eat fatty, salty and spicy. In addition, it is good to drink a Cup of diuretic tea.