You will need
  • - mirror
  • - wardrobe,
  • - adhesive for mounting mirrors,
  • - double sided tape,
  • - the range.
Measure the Cabinet door where you want to glue the mirror. You must know the exact dimensions of the available space to acquire a mirror of the desired length and width. Calculate the desired size of the mirror, given that the minimum offset from the edge of the door should be 1 cm.
Get a mirror and special adhesive for mounting mirrors. Externally, the tubes of this glue like "liquid nails", and you can easily find it in shops or on construction markets. Don't forget to buy thick double sided tape. You will need it in order to fix the position of the mirror until then, until it dries the glue.
Mark on the Cabinet in pencil the points where you want the corners of the mirror. This will help you to fix the mirror straight and not to make any further amendments. It is better to attach a mirror exactly, otherwise you may have problems with the adjustment. Cut double sided tape into strips 10-15 cm in length.
Put the resulting strips of adhesive tape on the back side of the mirror. If the mirror is large, the distance between strips should be approximately 50-60 cm Remove the protective layer from the applied tape.
Apply glue from the gun to the back side of the mirror. It is better to smear on the edges and between the strips of tape every 20 cm, However, do not overdo it with glue, so it was not visible once the mirror is installed.
Attach the mirror to the closet. Fix it with something from below. The glue sets in about 20-30 minutes and completely dry only a day. So try not to touch the mirror this time.
After the glue dries, you can decorate a mirror, for example, to attach the edges of the frame or to glue any decorative items that will add sophistication to your wardrobe and will enliven the interior as a whole.