Advice 1: How to glue Faro

Often there are situations on the road that suffers from the appearance of the car. For example, in the case of a falling stone in a spotlight , it can easily crack. And cracks, in turn, can lead to very unpleasant consequences. After all, there will be numb during the rains, to get dust. All this of course is a very negative impact on the work of the subject. And to avoid this, you can try headlight glue.
How to glue Faro
You will need
  • adhesive;
  • sealant;
  • soldering iron;
  • a special adhesive fabric;
  • acetone
The sealing of the headlights you can choose, for example, the glue dry. No matter how paradoxical sounds, but in recognition of veteran motorists and masters auto service, glues perfectly. Before starting work, prepare the glue. So he took the necessary condition, it must be heated at a temperature of 120-210 degrees, so it melted. You can then glue. The edges of the crack and heat them. This glue only works on warm surfaces. Oil the surface and gently connect. Then allow to dry and remove any excess glue. Headlights will be like new.
Damage to the headlamp experts recommend before gluing to strengthen. To do this, take a wire or fiberglass cloth and epoxy glue. Secure these materials the crack and fill with epoxy. Then the crack will not continue to diverge and new chips will not appear.
Also glue the headlight , and using special sealants. You can find this "native" is the one that is used in the factory of this brand of car. But you can pick up the analog. And then follow the instructions that it says on the tin. The main rule is that everything should be done according to these tips, otherwise the result is not guaranteed.
Alternatively, you can glue the old fashioned way. This requires a normal soldering iron. Bonding lights produced during the heating of the damaged items. This happens because the headlight is plastic, and plastic melts perfectly and glued between its parts.
There is a means for bonding the damaged surfaces of plastic special plastic tablets. To repair damaged plastic, you need this pill to heat, and then carefully smear on the damage. Then sanding the surface to remove excessive projections and all the spotlight is ready.
There is also a gluing material, such as a special cloth. It just lay in a place of bonding and is filled with acetone. He dissolves, turning into the adhesive. Another huge plus of this method - quick freezing. Such the adhesive to harden within an hour and a half.
Can Faro glue and regular Scotch tape. Only do it on clean and dry surface. And of course the Scotch choose only the highest quality. Then you can ride with this crack for at least another three years.

Advice 2 : How to change headlight lens 2107

The lights on the car LADA 2107 not always reliable. In the original equipment, they are virtually unprotected from mechanical damage. It happens that on the track a stray stone leaves marks or cracks on the glass headlights. In this case, to fix the headlight, you must first remove the glass.
How to change headlight lens 2107
You will need
  • -gloves;
  • -screwdriver ;
  • - pliers;
  • - automobile sealant;
  • - degreaser.
Remove the headlight from the car. To do this, Unscrew the screws, which secure it to the body. Next, disconnect hydrocollator and wires. Transfer Faro dry and ventilated room. Wear gloves and try gently to remove the glass. If for some reason glass resists, put the spotlight on a flat surface, previously having spread a newspaper or unwanted cloth and break the glass lights .
Take the pliers and pull the remains of the glass. Be careful, wear gloves to prevent cuts. Pick a screwdriver with a width of slot equal to the width of the bed lights. Clean all the old sealant. Pay special attention to the clips and at the corners. In these places can be particularly difficult to clean the surface.
Inspect the reflector. Because of damage to the glass there may be dirt that would have to be removed with a clean, dry cloth or napkin . Degrease the surface lights and new glass, prepared to replace. Inspect Faro second to choose the correct sealant. The color of this substance on both headlights should be the same. Please note that the sealant can be black, white and transparent.
Apply the sealer in a thin strip. Note the uniform layer of the substance. It is important for the subsequent process of bonding the new glass. Take the new glass and tightly pressed it into the grooves with sealant, cover the design with a rope or wrap tape molar. Leave the headlight to dry for about a day.
When working with the sealant please note that the odor of this chemical quite unpleasant. This is especially true of transparent automotive sealant. This fact takes on special weight in the case, if the repair is made at home.
Useful advice
Instead of a screwdriver to clean the grooves from the old headlight sealant suitable as a scalpel or utility knife.
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