High-calorific cocktail for a set of weight

To prepare smoothies for weight gain, you need to take a few ingredients:

- 120 g of sour cream;
- 60 g of sunflower oil;
- juice from half lemon;
- 100 ml of orange juice;
- 25 g of fruit jam;
- egg yolk.

Beat with mixer the sour cream, egg yolk, orange juice and sunflower oil, add the lemon juice and jam. Mix thoroughly. Eat about an hour before training. Calories – 900 calories.

Recipe "Shokko-Mokko

This cocktail recipe for gaining weight is very simple in execution. You must whip 150 g of cream with a teaspoon of coffee and 50 g of ice cream. Pour into a glass, top decorate with chocolate chips and nuts, ground in a coffee grinder.

"Fruit" cocktail

Another very easy recipe. For its preparation you need to grind in a slurry of 50 g of cottage cheese with 250 ml of milk. Whisk one raw egg yolk with an electric mixer with 2 tablespoons of any fruit liquid jam or syrup. Pour into this mixture the milk mixed with curd.


250 ml cream, mix with a teaspoon of coffee, raw egg yolk, a tablespoon of honey and the same amount of sugar. All is well beaten.

The recipe for "Banana" cocktail

Any dairy homemade smoothies for weight gain very helpful. In this case, to make the drink you need to collect in one table the following products:

- 600 ml of milk;
- 300 g bananas;
- 50 g of nuts;
- 2-3 tablespoons of honey;
- 180 g of cheese.

All the ingredients are mix between a whip. After banana milkshake is ready. Drink it throughout the day, before and after eating.

Protein shake

Typically, these high calorie smoothies for weight gain buy in stores. Although it is very easy to prepare at home. Protein drink mix you can buy at any sporting goods store.

You will need: 50 g of protein, 0.5 liters of milk, 50-100 g of cottage cheese, eggs, any fruit syrup.

All ingredients alternately put in a deep bowl, mix well, beat with a mixer. If you wish you can also add 1 tbsp flax or coconut oil, and fruit syrup to substitute any frozen fruit. Eat recommended half an hour before exercise.

It is important to remember that a protein shake for weight gain can contain any dairy products, dried apricots, bananas, nuts, chocolate, eggs, protein. So you can vary the drink, giving it a new flavor and taste.