Think about what prevents you to invite a guy home? Sometimes the reason can be various fears. Many girls are embarrassed of the situation at home, parents. Or do you think that inviting a guy home, you are referring to sex?Do not worry because of the situation. Especially if the apartment you live in, belongs to the parents or removable. You don't want the kid fell in love with the house and the condition? Young man, first and foremost, appreciates you as a person. But if in the apartment something is not right, maybe the guy will be able to show their masculine abilities and something to fix or correct.It often happens that the young man wants to look more wealthy. Consider how long you will be able to support the "inflated" look? Sooner or later the guy is gonna find out anyway.Don't worry parents, because they did not choose. Your or his parents are what they are. Find something you can be proud of for the family. Be thankful mom and dad because they brought you into the light. Invitation to guests does not mean that it is necessary to have sex. Everything is just according to your desire. Good manners and friendly relationships include inviting each other for a Cup of tea or coffee, lunch, conversation. There is nothing wrong.
Prepare for the arrival of a young man in advance. Clean the apartment or his room, wipe the dust, wash the floor. You don't want to shock the guy? Buy something delicious for tea. A hearty lunch is good, but not necessarily. After all, the young man not eating, and guests. Good to cook something yourself, it's a way to show culinary skills and prove yourself as the lady of the house. Consider what you will do. As you know, a pause in the words replaces kiss. But if the plans are this evening, sex is not included, it is better to invite the guy to play along in your favorite Board game, watch a movie, chat. Show guy's favorite things, interesting books, photo album. And then embark on a walk with the dog. If you know for a long time, do not hesitate to go with a young man in the store if required. In General, live a normal life and integrate back guy.
Inviting a man home, you will become closer with him. If this is your man, he will appreciate this gesture, and then the relationship will reach a new level. Because it means intimacy, trust, openness. If the guy passed this stage and something will scare him, that means he's not ready for a relationship with you. Do not worry if the young man flat more important than you. You're not looking for a gigolo?