When a low level of hemoglobin , you should consume sufficient amount of foods of animal origin: meat (preferably red – beef), liver, and milk, cream and butter.
Very well proven beets. However, it gives good results only with regular use over several months. This can be either 30-40 grams of fresh juice or 100-150 grams of cooked beets, which can be included in various salads.
Of course, to increase the level of hemoglobin in the blood need to eat the apples, and at least 0.5 pounds per day. Note that after you ate the Apple, it is undesirable in the next hour drinking tea as it prevents iron absorption.
Seasonal melons and watermelons are also products that help to increase hemoglobin. There can be no restrictions, it is important to know how to choose ripe berries, so as not to inadvertently run into nothing but nitrates.
Very useful and Rowan, which is due to the record content of vitamin C copes with this problem such as anemia. To use the juice of Rowan berries it is necessary 3-4 times a day for one tablespoon.
Very tasty and healthy dish – carrot salad with sour cream. But it's much better increases the level of hemoglobin fresh carrot juice. It should make 100-150 ml three times a day before meals.
An excellent source of iron serve walnuts. To achieve the desired result, we need a day to eat at least 100 grams of nuts, mixed with natural honey. This daily dose should be divided into 3-4 reception.
Simple and accessible remedy is a decoction of rose hips. At night, pour in a thermos 2 tablespoons of dried berries with boiling water, and by morning the healing broth will be ready. It is recommended to drink 0.5-1 Cup a day.
Usual nettle, which many consider unnecessarily useless weed, great increases hemoglobin. That it is not "used to sting" - douse it with boiling water. Nettles can be consumed as fresh (by adding it to salads), and dried (cooking broth). Nettle broth to cook easy – simply pour a tablespoon of nettle Cup of boiling water and give a little brew. I subscribed to it a tablespoon several times a day.