You will need
  • a sheet of paper, pen
Read the article 59 of the Labor code. It lists all the instances in which the company may hold the person to work under the urgent contract. Basically, this person hired instead of a temporary absent employee; for seasonal work; in training. But there are many sub-items that must be considered in this type of agreement, so be sure to know them all.
Check out all of the necessary conditions. The most important and indispensable is the date that indicates the period of work. If the contract is not prescribed, it is automatically considered to be concluded for an indefinite period. Be sure to specify the order on the hiring date in two cells. That is, in the end, the contract should be clearly spelled out, what number and what is working.
Take note of all the surprises. It happens that the validity of the contract has long passed, but the work is not completed for any reason, nor independent from the client and not by the contractor. The Labour code of the Russian Federation does not envisage the possibility of extending the term of the contract, but, on the other hand, it is not prohibited. So if necessary, you can extend the time without breaking the law.
Remember about the details. Even if the contract is extended, endlessly it can't last. The maximum period for fixed-term employment contract is five years. Accordingly, if after five years both parties agree to further cooperation, and each of the parties has no complaints, according to article 58 of the Labor code, the agreement becomes indefinite.
Be careful. You must keep a special journal and in it to specify the end date of fixed-term contracts. When it comes time to a specified date, you need three days to prepare a written notification to the employee to warn him about the early dismissal.