The labor law does not permit an employer to enter into Express agreements with employees to evade the provision of staff security coverage that apply to persons who have signed an indefinite agreement. Therefore, article 114 of the Labour code enshrining the right of all workers to use paid leave is also on hand fixed-term employment contract. Vacation employees required to provide on a General basis. Some features of the calculation of the duration period of the specified leave is set only to those employees who work under agreements in force less than two months, for performing seasonal work staff.

Features of calculation of leave of some employees

Employees signatory to an employment contract for a period of less than two months, you can expect to receive two days of paid leave for each month worked. A similar rule is provided for workers who are employed in seasonal jobs. Thus workers with labor contracts of up to two months can use this type of leave, or to get financial compensation at the end of the period of the agreement. For all other persons who have signed longer contracts, subject to a General procedure of calculation and granting paid leave.

Especially the use of vacation upon dismissal

In accordance with article 127 of the Labor code in dismissal, the employee shall be paid a mandatory cash compensation for unused vacation. At the same time the request of the employee specified leave is granted with the further dismissal. This rule shall also apply to employees, signatories to a contract. If they wish to use your vacation days upon termination of the agreement in connection with the expiration of the leave may also be granted to them, and the day of expiry of the period of validity of the contract will be the last day of the holiday, despite the identified in the agreement conditions. Thus, any prohibitions, limitations, additional requirements for the use of the right to paid leave employees, entered into Express contracts. If the employer refuses to give leave or from compensation, it is necessary to apply to the supervisors, to the court.