To translate employee with an indefinite employment contractas for the urgent need to get his consent. Even if he gave it, you will have to carry out the procedure of dismissal, because the two agreementand can not act at the same time.
Terminated old contract, you must pay the employee compensation for unused vacation or annual grant put a vacation with the subsequent dismissal. Also don't forget in the workbook make a note of resignation.
It should be borne in mind that the transfer of an employee from one contractto another and carried on with his written notice of two months.
After this a new fixed-term employment contract. All documents, statements need to be obtained. Seniority for the leave starts for this employee again. Including, need to have a personal card, a case and assign a personnel number.
Accordingly, changes and staffing and, possibly, the vacation schedule. All this is done only under order of the head of the organization. In the workbook a new record is inserted on the job.
Also note that at the conclusion of fixed-term employment contractand the employee, probation period is not established. And on the early termination of this agreementand the employer must inform the employee at least three calendar days.
Fixed-term employment contract is not more than six months. It is made as usual, i.e., in duplicate, one of which is transferred to the head, and the second is the employer.
The end of fixed-term employment contractand can be a certain date and end date, e.g., during seasonal periods of work. The start date can also be a specified number, in the case of absence, the employee must begin the next day after signing of such a document.