Hood-bonnet stitched

The easiest way to associate a hoodie to carry on the straight spokes of rectangular knitted fabric, and then draw the necessary connecting seam. Measure the length of the neck of the finished goods, consider the width of the straps to the clasp. Knowing the density of the knit (how many loops fit in length and ranges in height on the canvas), enter the desired number of loops.

Knit hood spokes straight and reverse rounds, in the same pattern, and that the main product (jacket, cardigan). Height equal to the height of the head, for freedom of fit is necessary to add 3 cm When the rectangle is ready, close the last row, fold the piece in the form of a bonnet face down. Connect the top and back of the products with the help of a hook or polostevichi neat seam using the yarn from the working coil.


A little more complicated in execution, handy hood spokes runs like a sock heel. Detail you can make separately and sew to the garment or gain of the loop at the neck products using a working tool with fishing line. You get the product a rounded shape is exactly the shape of the head. According to this method, it is recommended to associate a jacket with a hood for children.

Enter the loop, taking the reference length of the neck of the garment. Start with gum 1x1. When it reaches 2 cm, continue in stocking knit. Make a subtraction for the subsequent strapping: close at 5 loops with opposite edges of the row. Make straight the canvas to the back of the head. After fitting check the beginning of the formation of a corner of the canvas.

Count the loops and contrasting thread to mark the borders of three equal parts, spread a cotton bow on the three spokes. If there is an odd loop, add them to the middle. Then continue to knit the hood spoke in the following order: the number on the left side; the Central part; the last loop of the middle and the first hinge right side face of the segment together.

Turn the work and complete the Central part of the details, the last shackle provarite together with the first side. Again turn the canvas and work on the model, yet not only the middle. Close the loop.

Type the high edge of the hood hinges on the spokes with fishing line and make the gum-line. Her height is 5 previously closed loops with two edges of the hood. Last row, close. If you want to have a hood with drawstring and lace, follow the higher elastic, fold in half and sew to the stacked edge of the darning needle and working yarn.

Капюшон спицами