You will need
  • Thread
  • Hook
  • Scissors
  • Specialized magazines
  • The Internet
Before to knit crochet scarf, you need to decide what it will be. If a scarf will serve as a headdress, then for the summer he takes a thin cotton thread. If you plan scarfshawl for autumn or spring, respectively, the threads must be thicker, you can even take fine wool or mohair.
After determining the functionality of a scarf you need to find the hook to the selected thread. Typically, the thickness of the hook is selected in the following manner: the hook needs to be thicker than the thread about two times. At this ratio, the binding will be medium density. If you need to a handkerchief was tied over open knit then need to take the hook is much thicker. Also important is the manner of binding, the so-called handwriting knitters. To more accurately determine the number of loops you want to associate a test square sample, and then calculate the loop on it.
The next step will be the selection of pattern. Usually the shawls are knitted simple openwork patterns. To choose the right scheme as in specialized journals on needlework (in our case, the knitting magazines crochet) and the Internet. Shawls very good exactly what to count loop is necessary only at the beginning, and then the pattern just fit in the scheme have achieved a number of loops.
After the shawl is completed, the edges can be processed lobster step" - special binding columns without nakida in the opposite direction. This treatment will allow the edges of the scarf not to twist inside. You can also decorate the scarf fringe.