How to knit a hat for a boy with a hard peak

In addition to the yarn and the hook for crochet baseball cap with hard peak, you will need a plastic bottle and a special paper pattern. So, to start you will need to link the bottom caps. Type single circle of columns without nakida. Once you reach the desired diameter, start to add a loop. If the circumference of your head, equal to 56 cm, height of cap should be 17 inches.
The next step is to purl another row to the column without nakida. It is necessary to strengthen the border. You can then start making the visor. In order to give it the desired shape, take the paper template and attach to a plastic bottle. Trace the template with a pencil and carefully cut out.

After that, you need to dial eighteen of the stitches and add three hinges. Then provarite the first row of columns with nakida. Turn the product on and tie a column without nakida. In the next row, you need to make one column without nakida and link coupling loop. Then turn the workpiece and start knitting the next row with the connecting loops. Then knit a cover for visor only columns with nakida. In the end, be sure to make another connecting loop. Paste the blank template, cut out of the bottle. Then the visor panel along the edge and sew it to the cap. The resulting cap is perfect for boy 7-8 years.

Baseball cap for boy with soft visor

Any cap consists of a visor, the rim and base. Work should start with a crochet Foundation. Dial six loops and provarite twelve columns with nakida without of increases. As a result, you get a circle, the volume of which should correspond to the volume of the head. Then you need to knit the product without increases until you reach the desired depth of the base.

As for the visor, it should be linked separately and attach to the main product columns without nakida. Then add three columns and provarite the last row of loops without nakida. The next stage tie hem bars without nakida. For additional decor you can link the headband and attach it to the cap. To do this, type 78 loops and circles provarite six columns without nakida. The resulting strip is place over canopy and fasten it with invisible stitches and large buttons.