The first type of source - book, textbook, or scientific work, who wrote from one to three authors.
It is made this way: surname and initials of author, title of work (with capital letters), city where book was published, dots and a colon, name of publishing house, year of publication, period, number of pages, period.
Example: Propp V. Y. Morphology "magic" tales. Moscow: Labirint, 1998. 256 p.
If the book consists of one volume, but of the authors she has more than three, at the beginning specifies the name of the book, and then one of the authors with a note [etc.]. If you want you can list all authors for the mistake it will not be counted.
Example: occupational health of operating personnel of nuclear power plants: methods of maintaining and restoring / V. I. Evdokimov, G. N. Roddatis, V. L. Marishchuk, B. N. Ushakov, I. B. Ushakov. M. ; Voronezh : Istoki, 2004. 250 C.
Article from the magazine and Newspapers is made on the same principle as the book (also plays the role of the number of authors). The only difference is that the article title and publication name shared by two forward slashes, still need to indicate the edition number.
Example: Y. L. Latynina Budget for fighters // the New newspaper. 2011. No. 85. S. 9-10.
If you use a multi-volume publication, it is necessary to specify in the link what kind of volume you used.
Example: Solovyov V. S. Beauty in nature: Op. 2 t. M.: Progress, 1998. Vol. 1. 355с.
Most of the information today we have to take from the Internet electronic sources of information are documented in a special way. First author and publication name, then the name and the type of electronic resource. After given the link to the page with the text and the date accessed.
Example: Y. L. Latynina Budget for fighters // Novaya Gazeta [the website]. URL: (accessed on 04.08.2011).