What to do if you lost access to your Yandex purse? Should take care of that at the stage of creating the wallet. Password of your mailbox in Yandex does not give the right to perform financial transactions. In order to be able to use ADEX wallet, you need to come up with the payment password and the recovery code. In addition, it is desirable to link your account in the system Yandex mobile phone number. It will come in handy to recover forgotten passwords for SMS-informing about transactions on the account.
If your wallet is tied to the phone number you need to follow the link Yandex.Money: "My phones" ( Here you can request a new password to your Yandex wallet by clicking the button "Get SMS".
To regain access to the system Yandex.Money can be another way. For this you need to remove the old password and create a new one. Look on any page of Yandex.Money the link "forgot payment password and go for it. To restore you will need to remember your secret question and answer. After that e-mail, specified during registration will receive a letter. Open it and click on the link. You will see a page with a form to enter personal information. In the appropriate boxes, enter your date of birth (you had to specify when you register) and restore code, if you remember him. If you have correctly completed all fields, you will be taken to the next page where you will need to enter a new payment password. You know, you will have only 5 attempts to enter the recovery code.
If you are unable to remember the recovery code, then you need to write a letter in support ( Specify in handling all of the data that you remember. Support responds quickly.
You can also write a statement demanding the restoration of lost access to the system Yandex.Money. For this you need to make a notarized copy of your passport and write the application in a free form where you specify all the data that you remember. The application must be delivered personally to the address Moscow, ul Lva Tolstogo, 16, or send an email to: 119021, Moscow, and/I 57. In the statement necessarily specify the coordinates to contact you.