At the different payment systems there are some features to restore wallets. For example, if access to the Yandex-a purse has been lost simply because of the loss of payment password, you can recover it by SMS or by phone (if it was tied to the account), or by code recovery via the Internet.
In the first case, go to the website and order a new password by SMS. If tied to the phone no, go to the relevant link, answer the secret question you specified during registration, then mail a message with a link. Copy the link into a browser window and enter all the requested information - date of birth and your recovery code, then the system will allow the replacement password to a new one.
Restore the Internet-purse in this system is possible only if you have a backup copy on removable media or in the computer. To restore need to re-install the wallet with the stored data, then the Data folder and DB need to change to reserve. These actions will cause synchronization.
If the wallet is lost completely - i.e., back up, funds from a lost account you can get, but just for the new wallet. However, this is only possible for those users who during the registration have indicated your correct passport data.
In this case, write a statement about returning money for a new purse, let its own number and passport details. With these documents, call the office or send the document by registered mail. In case of sending of the letter the application must be notarized.
In the system WebMoney transfer to another computer lost access to the wallets. To avoid this, pre-copy to removable media key file in the extension. kwm. Or, if not, create it in the menu using the tab "Security", under "Save keys to file". You also need to remember the password to the key file, without which the data cannot be set.
When moving to another PC will need to install the WM Keeper used again to log in using the WM ID and password, specify the path to your key file and the file with purses, previously transferred to the new computer.