Advice 1: How to go to your purse Yandex

The company "Yandex" is famous not only for its search engine, but also one of the main electronic currencies in Russia – "Yandex.Money". Purse in system "Yandex.Money" is available to any Internet user who opens an account in one of the services "Yandex".
How to go to your purse Yandex
Subdomain of the site "Yandex.Money" placed at Please note that the connection is secure, the site uses a security Protocol HTTPS (TLS).
If you do not have account in the system "Yandex.Money", you need to open it. Click on the "Open an account" and enter the username and password for your account on "Yandex.Mail" or click "Register" if you turn to a search system for the first time and never used its services. In the registration form in the first step you need to enter your real name, and desired username for e-mail "Yandex.Mail." In the second step, you need to create a password and confirm it.
After creating an account, return to the opening page of the account, and enter the e-mail and your password in the input window. You will see a page entitled "Open an account in Yandex.The money." It will fill in all required fields: payment password at least 6 characters (use letters, numbers, symbols and longer length); the recovery code consisting only of digits (at least 7); your mobile number to recover access to your wallet in case of loss of password; e-mail; date of birth. If you do not specify the number of the mobile phone, restore the wallet if you lose password and the account will be impossible.
All the data to record or remember. Once all fields are filled, click "Open an account in Yandex.Money" at the bottom of the screen. Your wallet will be created in a few seconds.
Now you need to enter your personal account of your e-mail account to "Yandex". To do this, go to the main page of the search engine To the left you will see a column containing the login form in the email. Enter the username and password (from the account and not payment) and press the "Enter" button. After that, top band with links to the main services of "Yandex" select a link "Money". You will be taken to your account on "Yandex.The money." Top left will display your score and the number in 14-digit format.
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Advice 2 : How to make an account on Yandex.Money

Electronic payment systems in recent years has become quite a convenient service for various payments on the Internet. One of such systems is "Yandex. Money". You do not need much time or effort to make there account.
How to make an account on Yandex.Money
Go to the main page of the search engine "Yandex". Next, locate the section "Money". It is in the category of "More" on the search line. You will see the start page "Yandex. Money." Click on the big orange icon on the "Open account".
In the box that appears, enter your username and password from the email. Then press "Enter". Please note that you must be registered in the system "Yandex", to use its services. In other words, the email address that you want to enter must be opened "Yandex".
Register a new mailbox, if you do not have email or do you use other systems, for example, Mail or Rambler. To do this in the window with the requirement to specify the mail click on "Register". Next, enter your first and last name, enter the login. It, by the way, you can choose from a list, which will be offered to you automatically. This will allow you to save some time, because it happens that the desired login name is already taken. Next, create a password, enter the secret code shown in the picture, and click "Register". Go back to the field in "Yandex. Money", where you had to specify a username and password and enter them.
If you wish to submit additional information about yourself or hit "Start using Yandex. Money." Next, think of the payment password. With it, you will carry out all operations on transfer of money. It is best to record it somewhere just in case. Note, however, that this information no one, except you should be familiar.
Enter the recovery code. You will need it in case if you forget your payment password. You can also specify the number of your mobile phone. For him, if necessary, will be sent to your billing password. Next, click on "Open an account in Yandex. The money."
Useful advice
You can link your account to the credit card for easy withdrawals from the open account.

Advice 3 : How to login to Yandex.Money

More and more place in our lives is non - cash settlements and payment by credit card, and electronic payments. Very convenient for the "Yandex-purse". With it, you quickly pay for your purchase, make the required payments, and can save on the fee.
How to login to Yandex.Money
To open an account on "Yandex.Money", you need to register the mail address in "Yandex" To do this, use the link "create a mailbox". Then step by step follow the recommendations, your personal information (name, address) is not required.
Log in to your mailbox, to do this, click on "Mail" or "Enter email" at the top right on the page "Yandex". If you access the Internet from a private computer and are not afraid of foreign infiltration - use the check box "remember me" then login and password will be entered automatically. If you use a public computer, do not risk. Be sure to close your Inbox after you complete your case. For this purpose in the upper right corner beside your email address click "Exit" or "Exit".
Once you have opened your Inbox, click the top menu link "Money". "Yandex" will prompt you to open an account and start using the electronic money. You have to choose the appropriate option and follow the step-by-step automated instructions. Remember that password from the electronic wallet should not repeat the password from the mailbox!
Your electronic purse will be automatically attached to the e-mail address. If you go out with one personal computer in the future you will not have to go in the mail, you have to remember the payment password. To access your wallet from any other computer you can through Inbox. Many organizations today offer themselves to pay bills through "Yandex.The money", ie you will only need to choose the item, enter the amount and enter your payment password.
All the operations of your wallet you will be able to trace using the link "History" on the left. All payments can be tied, i.e. you do not need to manually enter phone numbers, Bank details, etc. In turn, the electronic wallet can be linked to the Bank card is especially useful for periodic obligatory payments (utilities, payment of cellular communication and the Internet, etc.)
When transferring large amounts from one of the "Yandex-purse" to another, use the protection code - this will reduce the risk of loss if you incorrectly enter account or wallet. The recipient can withdraw the money only after you will enter this code. Otherwise, the money will remain with you.

Advice 4 : How to create Yandex.Wallet and transfer money to him

Active Internet users have long appreciated the convenience and ease of use of electronic wallets. They can be used to pay for utility bills, telephone and television shop at online stores. To replenish the account in different ways: transfer money with a credit card, phone, put the money in the account in payment systems.
How to create Yandex.Wallet and transfer money to him


How to create a Yandex wallet

To be able to use this electronic payment system, you need to have Yandex purse . If you already have a mailbox on Yandex, you can use it to create a purse. On the main page, select the tab "Yandex Money". The link will take you to the website The next stage is "Open account". Click on this button then a page will open for registration. In the proposed fields you need to enter information about yourself:

  • field 1: you need to invent and enter a username that will be used when logging in to the account;
  • field 2: enter the code, for this item there are special requirements: the password cannot be too simple;
  • field 3: repeat the password;
  • box 4: you must provide a contact telephone number;
  • field 5: for a captcha – you need to understand that he was dealing not with the robot.

The next stage Continue. Here you must enter the confirmation code that comes to the specified phone number and come up with a payment password, which you will need to confirm payment transactions.

You need to specify a working email address which will receive notifications about the transactions. Then be sure to read the rules of the payment system and click the appropriate button on the harmony. After registration is completed and a button to "Open an account". In the upper left corner of the opened page specify personal number Yandex.Wallet, below shows the amount of money that is on the balance sheet.

How to transfer money on Yandex purse

Using the wallet, you can Fund your account in various ways: with a credit card, through payment system "Kivi" and different banks to transfer money on Yandex purse through Euroset and mobile network operators providing such services. This method is available with phones and in the offices.

If the user has a Bank account, you can Fund your wallet immediately on the website. To do this, use the menu item "Replenishment", where in the relevant field specifies the number of a credit card. After the verification of the data entered will need to enter an SMS confirmation of the transfer for Bank transfer, the required amount will be debited from the account and will be credited to the account Yandex.Purse. On this page you can find out more about other ways to recharge: via Bank branches, payment terminals and transfer system.

You can transfer money from other electronic systems tied to the purse WebMoney, through the exchange service (MoneyMail, RBK Money, EasyPay), wallet. For remittances on account exchanges and banks charge a Commission. There is also an upper limit for the replenishment of the cash account. Once you've transferred the money, they are transferred instantly to your account in the system Yandex money, you can pay for their goods and services using your home computer.

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