Subdomain of the site "Yandex.Money" placed at Please note that the connection is secure, the site uses a security Protocol HTTPS (TLS).
If you do not have account in the system "Yandex.Money", you need to open it. Click on the "Open an account" and enter the username and password for your account on "Yandex.Mail" or click "Register" if you turn to a search system for the first time and never used its services. In the registration form in the first step you need to enter your real name, and desired username for e-mail "Yandex.Mail." In the second step, you need to create a password and confirm it.
After creating an account, return to the opening page of the account, and enter the e-mail and your password in the input window. You will see a page entitled "Open an account in Yandex.The money." It will fill in all required fields: payment password at least 6 characters (use letters, numbers, symbols and longer length); the recovery code consisting only of digits (at least 7); your mobile number to recover access to your wallet in case of loss of password; e-mail; date of birth. If you do not specify the number of the mobile phone, restore the wallet if you lose password and the account will be impossible.
All the data to record or remember. Once all fields are filled, click "Open an account in Yandex.Money" at the bottom of the screen. Your wallet will be created in a few seconds.
Now you need to enter your personal account of your e-mail account to "Yandex". To do this, go to the main page of the search engine To the left you will see a column containing the login form in the email. Enter the username and password (from the account and not payment) and press the "Enter" button. After that, top band with links to the main services of "Yandex" select a link "Money". You will be taken to your account on "Yandex.The money." Top left will display your score and the number in 14-digit format.