Get a purse "Yandex.Money." This can be done on the official website of "Yandex". Enter the address of the current mailbox Yandex and mobile phone number during registration. Save the payment password - it will allow to use the system "Yandex.Money."
Once you register, you can know your number "Yandex.Money." Login to your personal account from mail "Yandex". In this case, you don't even have to enter a username and password. In the center of your billing office is the inscription "your account number **************". Account number "Yandex.Money" is also the number of your payment wallet.
The number contains 14 digits. Users of other payment systems, in particular Webmoney, accustomed to the fact that the system ID and wallet numbers are different. In "Yandex" this is not happening because unlike Webmoney in the system there is only one wallet - ruble (multicurrency is not supported). At the same time, the owners of "Yandex.Wallet" can pay and foreign currency accounts – conversion occurs at the current rate, providing convenience for the users.
Some confusion of ordinary users have noticed the emergence of Bank card "Yandex.Money." They linked to the wallet and is accepted in shops, supermarkets, cafes, restaurants and entertainment centers. Furthermore, credit cards are the most convenient means of withdrawal and replenishment "Yandex.Money." The card number of banking payment system hosted large numbers in the center of the plastic means of payment. Room card "Yandex.Money" consists of 12 digits.