In the payment system "Yandex.Money," one user is assigned to only one purse. To remove it, follow these steps. Open your Internet browser and go to the website Click on the link "More" located above the search bar and select from the list "Money" or go to In the left part of the page you will see the number of funds and the account number.
At the top right of the page, click your name in the system and select "Passport". Click on "Delete account". Note that by clicking on this link, you completely remove your account together with Internet wallet, email accounts and other services of "Yandex". You will not be able to use the remaining funds in the account "Yandex.Money", and also to recover messages in the mailbox. To delete only the e - wallet impossible.
WebMoney payment system, the user can create any number of wallets. Until the fall of 2008, any purse can be removed, provided that there are no funds. However, in connection with cases of fraud this feature has been cancelled. You can only delete the wallet, which has no financial history. This occurs automatically one year after its creation.
Another way out of this situation – permanently deleting your account (WMID) in the WebMoney system. Independently make it impossible. To do this, send a mail to the customer support system with a request to stop service on your account. In the response letter you may be asked to provide additional information. However, please note that the account in the system completely is not deleted, but suspended the entire financial history remains on the server WebMoney.