You will need
    • coffee bean
    • cast iron skillet,
    • butter or vegetable oil.
Buy green coffee beans. This coffee, unlike roasted beans can be stored much longer and still stay fresh. Roasting gives coffee all the usual aroma and flavor. This happens because some vegetable oil beans coffee evaporate, and some enriched with new flavors.
The easiest method of home roasting coffee only requires iron or iron pan. Glow the pan to an average of 220-350 With, pour some oil (1 tbsp for 500g coffee).
Pour grain of coffee in a single layer and cover. Roast coffee, constantly stirring it with a spatula. You can mix and closed the lid, holding it with a towel and gently shaking the pan up and to the side. This procedure may take 15-20 minutes. If the frying takes longer, you may need to increase the temperature. The longer you roast coffee, the deeper and darker the color of the beans.
How much time do you roast coffeeinie the grain on the pan will depend on the taste of the drink. You can set up an experiment using one variety of coffee from one of the package and fry them different amounts of time. In the end, you get coffee with a different taste. Removes dark roast classic coffeeyou sour, but adds a distinct flavor sensation. Roasting can be light, medium and strong degree.
Cool coffeeinie the grain, peppered them with pans on the wide spacing. They will still continue to roast due to internal heat. Rapid cooling will not allow them to burn. Coffee beans reach the top of its flavor within 24 hours after roasting. You can then grind and use to brew coffee.
Coffee can be roasting on the sheet. However, in this case it can fry evenly. Will have to keep the oven door open to constantly stir the grain. If you are going to seriously engage in the whole process of making coffee at home, buy a roaster, a special machine for roasting coffee.