For preparing coffee , use freshly ground grain, preferably small. If you buy already ground coffee, store it in a tightly sealed container. Otherwise, coffee will quickly lose flavor.
Put coffee in Turku and place it on a slow fire to fry a bit of coffee. This will enhance the flavor of the drink.
Pour the coffee with cold water at the rate of 1 teaspoon with a slide to 100 ml of water. If possible, use to prepare coffee is filtered water. Boiled water and tap water use undesirable.
If you love to drink coffee with sugar, also add in the Turku sugar to taste. In addition, you can add coffee, spices for example cloves, cinnamon or cardamom.
To properly brew coffee on a slow fire. If you have little time, you can first put Turku on a high heat. But be sure to turn down the heat to low when on the surface of the coffee will begin to appear bubbles.
Part light foam formed on the surface of coffee, can be carefully removed and gently spread out the cups.
When coffee in the Turk will start strongly "Slough", gently mix the drink and pour him a Cup. Cup before that, it is desirable to heat – this will enhance the flavor of the coffee. To do this, they can be rinsed with boiling water.
Some coffeemana believe that after the formation of "swelling" caps on the surface of the beverage, mix of coffee should not. In this case, the flavor of the drink is more profound. It is important to remove the pot from the heat before the coffee starts to boil.
When the cap settles, you will have to put Turku on fire. This operation can be repeated twice. Such brewing coffee takes longer, but the coffee is more rich and flavorful.
In the finished coffee can add a bit of milk. With thick cream coffee turns out tasty, but calorie.