You will need
  • — quartz sand;
  • — pan;
  • — Turka;
  • — 3 tsp of coffee beans;
  • — 2 tsp of sugar;
  • — 100 ml of water;
  • — saffron or cardamom to taste.
Use it to make coffee on the sand only with a fine quartz sand. It has excellent heat. Sometimes the sand mixed with salt.
Grind coffeeinie grain to finer powder. Fine grind provides the maximum dose of coffeein to the boiled coffee. 1 serving of the finished beverage, you need 3 teaspoons with uppers of coffeeinih beans. Pour ground coffee in Turku. Stir in the sugar. Add a pinch of saffron or cardamom as desired. Pour the coffee of about 100 ml of clean boiled water, stir.
Pour the sand into the pan with high sides. Place the roasting pan on open flame, electric or gas stove. Will rakalite the pan, occasionally stirring the sand. Place the coffee pot from coffee as far as possible in the sand. The bottom Turks also should be placed on the sand layer and not in the pan.
Turku remove the sand as soon as the foam begins to rise up and around it will appear small bubbles. Make sure that the drink is not boiled. When the foam settles slightly, Turku return to the pan with sand. Repeat the procedure at least 2-3 times. Thus you get a more full-bodied flavor of coffee. The more stages of the cooking coffee you hold, the stronger will the finished drink. Give coffee in a cezve to brew for a couple of minutes.
Serve coffee on the sand directly in coffee pot, complete with a thin porcelain or ceramic thick-walled Cup and a little spoon with a long handle. The pre-Cup pour over boiling water and dry. With a spoon put the foam into the Cup. The quality of the prepared beverage is characterized by the fact how well the foam clings to the spoon. And then gently, so as not to damage the foam, pour coffee along the wall of the Cup. Strain coffee from grounds should not be. Offer a Cup of cold drinking water with ice, figs, dates, honey, candied fruit. Drink coffee slowly, in small SIPS, drinking ice water.