You will need
    • Turk or coffee pot;
    • coffee - 1-2 teaspoons;
    • water - 100-150 milliliters;
    • sugar - to taste.
Decide what dishes you'll be cooking the coffee bean. Eastern coffee or a tall and thin pot. Eastern coffee machine (otherwise it is called Turk or jezve) preferred to take copper. The coffee pot will fit a porcelain or enameled.
Based on selected cookware, you need to grind the coffee beans. If you cook coffee in Turku, you need a fine grind. If you decide to brew a pot of coffee, fit coffee medium and coarse grinding.
Water for brewing coffee should be clean, soft, not boiled.
To brew coffee in Turku, you need to prepare. Put Turku on the stove and lightly heat the bottom. Sprinkle finely ground coffee and a little heat (not more minutes). If you prefer sweet coffee, add sugar to taste. Pour in Turku cold water to the level of the narrowest places in Turku. Brew coffee at very low heat. Watch out for the coffee. In the Turk will begin to form foam. As soon as the foam has risen to the maximum, but not destroyed, remove coffee from heat. Allow the foam to settle. After the foam settles, repeat the process of formation of the foam once or twice. If Turk is designed for one Cup, it will be enough one uplifting foam. Coffee pour into preheated cups.
To brew a pot of coffee, it should be rinsed with boiling water. Pour half of the coffee medium or coarse grind and pour hot water (93 to 95 degrees). Tightly close the pot, including the spout. To close the nose use gauze or cotton. After two or three minutes, stir in the remaining coffee and top up with water. Put the pot in a container of hot water and leave it for 5-7 minutes so that the coffee steep.
Brewed coffee pour into preheated cups and serve.